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Triple Distilled

On the nose there is rich honey and vanilla with hints of citrus and toffee. In the mouth rich vanilla bean and butterscotch mingle with notes of sweet citrus and a hint of pepper clove. There is a long rich finish.


49% alc. / vol.

Triple Distillation helps to concentrate not only the alcohol in the whisky, but also helps create lighter, more fruity flavours. Having only two stills, we performed the final two distillations in our 3600 litre spirit still, separating the hearts from the heads and tails each time.

A characteristic of Pokeno Single Malt is our incredibly sweet and smooth character, created by our extremely slow distillation, which allows the maximum amount of reflux in our stills. We then take a very small heart of approximately only 20% of the distillation run. By adding an additional distillation, this has pushed the profile to the next level. Pokeno Triple distilled single malt has been matured in only the finest first fill bourbon barrels, giving us an incredibly smooth, sweet and honeyed single malt.